Joystick with iPad USB-C

Does anyone know if you can directly connect a USB joystick into an iPad to use in Infinite Flight? I have a newer iPad Pro with the USB-C charger and I was wondering if I could plug it in directly with an adapter. As far as I know there is currently no working joystick support for Infinite Flight on IOS so I was curious if this would work. Thanks!

Gday Mate,

To be able to connect a joystick to an IOS device you need to use a third party app. I have linked two popular connect apps that people use with IF

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the response. I have looked into both of these and it seems as though neither of them currently provide a working service for joystick connection.

Have you downloaded the application on a PC/Desktop?

I have LiveFlight on my MacBook but it no longer supports joysticks. I heard that MapConnect doesn’t work anymore and the developers have not yet fixed it so I could not download that one.

If those two applications aren’t working unfortunately there isn’t any other way to use a joystick on an IOS

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The programs don’t seem to work with IF anymore

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