Joystick will not connect

Ok one sec.

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Ok have you reset Live Flight on the computer?

Also, does it say it is connected to your device?


I’ve been looking around the IFC for similar stuff like this and people have said that LiveFlight Connect no longer works for IF. So your problem might be simply that the software you’re trying to use (LiveFlight Connect) just no longer works.

It’s not officially supported, but, many people still use it

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Here you go! Also switch this to #thirdparty and title to Joystick will not connect.


@USA_ATC I already viewed that too. Need to check the ports though

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So you ensured your firewall allows it?

Ahhhh gotcha. Check what USA_ATC has attached above! Wish you the best of luck :)

Btw, if you need some additional options, these might be able to help connect your joystick:


Yeah, I did that earlier :)

Ok let me know what you come up with C:

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@USA_ATC it still will not connect

Try one of the alternatives to LiveFlightConnect

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I have tried Map Connect Too, It won’t work either. Is there any others?

Sadly I dont think so :/

This is your only other option.

Alright, I don’t know what to do then. I guess i’ll just put it away until I get a gaming pc. Thanks So Much for all your help @USA_ATC

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Ya sorry I couldnt help more :/


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You have Windows OS?

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@dca.iad.aviation yes I do.

Do you have an antivirus?