Joystick will not connect

Hey, all the check marks in the top right are green. However, It just keeps saying “Connecting…”. Could this be a problem with WiFi? What is it?

BTW, I’m trying with a logitech extreme 3d pro.

Joystick issues have nothing to do with the API in the status box. That’s for the Live API and it that’s orange/red, there’s usually a connection issue of some sort.

As there’s no known & ongoing issues on our end, you might have some on yours.

Try a simple device restart to start with :)

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Ok, I just did that and seems it’s still not connecting

@schyllberg ^^^

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Is it still not working after 2 hours?

No, it’s still not working. Ugh


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That’s very strange. You said you restarted your device, so maybe try switching your network if possible. See if this does anything.

I only have one available network (My Home Network)

Do you by chance have the ability to use cellular data for a few seconds? If so, try and see if that works.

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Yeah, I can use cellular. Do I connect the computer to the hotspot on my phone?

Wait. Your phone is running IF, but it’s connected to your computer, right?

What do you mean?

Are you trying to connect a joystick to IF?

Make sure you are running liveflight connect or a similar program. Also make sure are connected to the same wifi server as the one running IF. Then calibrate ur joystick with the app and in the game by setting it up with buttons and angles.

I’m sorry. I’m just a bit confused about your question for this topic.

If you are trying to connect a joystick, please follow @USA_ATC’s instructions! He knows what he’s talking about.

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@USA_ATC I have done all of those steps and it won’t connect.

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What system are you using to try and connect.

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I am using LiveFlight Connect

What type of joystick are you using.

Logitech Extreme 3D Pro