Joystick usability

Do they work very well with Infinite flight? Is the wireless connection stable and accurate? Is there significant input delay? And do they make controlling your aircraft easier? lol

Yes! Using LiveFlight on a computer you can use a joystick. It’s still not ideal imo but it’ll work.

For me it’s super sensitive idk about others.

what does liveflight have to do with it? And i want to use the joystick on my phone

This should help

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it’s no longer officially supported :/. F

It still works, its just they don’t have a team working on it or updating it.

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wait, so I can potentially use a mouse to control the phone from my pc? B/c it says it supports interactions from keyboards

More information can be found below. Please PM me if you need further assistance.


Thanks, as far as I’m aware this is the only way you’ll be able to use one.

On Android you could use an OTG cable too

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