Joystick & the Missing rudder.

Yesterday I hooked up a joystick to if for the 1st time & configured the controls. Now without the joystick I cannot use the rudder as there is no slider for it.

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Den use your joystick.

What joystick to you use? If it’s the Logitech Extreme Pro, then set the Z axis on the joystick (twist joystick set for rudder).


I use Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X

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I have that same joystick. How did you hook it up?

Wait there’s joysticks for phones and stuff? or have I just never known that IF is on computer?

Click here to find out how to get your joystick set up.

I have the same joystick, you can set the Z axis, to use it you can turyln your joystick.

But you mean that when you play without the joystick, the rudder is gone?

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If you want the rudder slider back you will need to reset the rudder control’s in IF’s settings, once that is done the slider will be back. Hope this helped

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