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I have bought an OTG that could charge but not at the same time when I use the joystick, so when I want to charge my phone mid flight, I have to disconnect the joystick and charge and then connect back to my joystick, the button works fine but I cant control the plane with my joystick… Because I’m planning to use it for long haul flights, Any solution?


What device are you on?

I use android

You can buy a sort of adapter like this, but it may be a bit hard to find.

Or you can use map connect which is a third party software but you require a PC to make it work


If you disconnect the joystick mid flight and reconnect you have to reassign the joystick axis on the control menu .

You need the one that comes with the charging port so you don’t have to unplug the joystick midflight. I have this one that has an HDMI port too, useful if you want to connect your device to a monitor, but there are ones without HDMI and cost much less

You have two options, you can either get a dongle with 2-3 usb plugs or you can get a bluetooth adapter for you joystick.

Thanks for the third party one, It’s working and now I can use my device while charging.

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