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Hey community. So I have my joystick hooked up and ready to go but every time I press any button to assign AP the app closes so I’m not able to assign button. Joystick is a logitech extreme 3d pro. Any solutions?

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Yeah… dont assign button 6 😅

Is it only that button that effects it?

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I believe so which kinda sucks lol really wanted to use that button 😂

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Lol have you tried to allocate it to a different assignment and stuck a different button on whatever you trying to assign button 6 to? Sounds daft but it will isolate the button or the action.

I can use a different button lol no big deal. Tho still hoping I can maybe figure it out.

So it let’s you allocate a different button to the action?

That’s weird, seb might be able to help… @schyllberg

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Nope wont let me make it another button keeps closing app… ths assignment is for the autopilot engage/disengage.

I assume this is on an Android device and that the joystick is connected via OTG?


So you cant assign that action in particular. Have you assigned 6 to a different action?

Edit: I will be quiet now Schylly has arrived… Good Luck!

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Yes correct

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And is it the button or the function that is the problem?

Well everytime I try to assign the autopilot any button I press will just close the app

Assign button 6 to a different function to prove it’s an isolated AP engage issue.

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Just did it and its definitely the AP

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Same problem here. Only with AP engage I believe
I use it for Parking Brake now…

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