Joystick Support without a computer

Hello everyone.
I am re-asking something that somebody answered carelessly, and then the developers, carelessly considered the answer a solution.
I asked about Joystick Support WITHOUT a computer or even an Internet connection.
I know that IOS has already been supporting joysticks for a long time, and even Infinite Flight has something to connect them.
So can I do this directly?
I am thinking of getting a Gladiator Pro, is it Mfi?
If not, what is the best (all functions, precise) joystick I can use?
Can I just get a decoder for the Gladiator Pro?
Thank you.

(Now please, administrators, if you are reading this, don’t shut down my long unanswered question without an answer that I (in the comment section) say is correct, thank you.)

You could read the post @Balloonchaser
@Arey2K03 you need LiveFlight connect to use the joystick. There is no other way, you need the computer to run LFConnect. Infinite Flight doesn’t have the capability yet. Just get LiveFlight Connect on your computer, connect the joystick and your computer, then set up the controls


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There is a cord that will turn the universal cable into a usb cable. Laura sent a link for it in the post…

I just did that to get people’s attention, it’s just that this question has been unanswered for several months already.


Hi there, take a look at the top of the linked thread and you will see a short list of joysticks that users have had success with. If you are using an Android device then you won’t need a PC to utilize a joystick rather an OTG cable. Hope this helps you ;)


It’s known that Apple is reluctant to support joysticks and other peripherals. They do, however, support a few gamepads with the thumb joysticks.

I had a Steel Series NImbus gamepad and was able to play IF (wirelessly, I might add) on my iPad just fine. However… it is still just a gamepad.

The Android method with the OTG cable (I heard it stands for “on the go”) is the only true full size joystick connected to device without a computer option.

… That I’m aware of.

i have a story related to this that might be impressive to you all.
In my robotics class we are learning about programming apps and stuff like that and computer programs. At the end of the year each person Submits an idea and the class try’s to develop it with the teachers help. The person who came up with the idea has to design the rest of it. Then this is where my machining class comes in to play, I could possibly 3D print a new joystick that is directly compatible to an iOS device without needing a computer. Again this might not happen but it might so who knows.

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