Joystick support (Thrustmaster USB)

Hi, I’m a cheapskate so i’m going for the cheapest joystick I can get at my place, which is the Thrustmaster USB Joystick (

Anyone has tried or is using it, care to share some insight whether it will work with LiveFlight Connect?

I’m ghastly afraid it won’t and I’ll just end up wasting money

EDIT: I have gotten it, but I have 1 issue. I have no idea how to control the rudder, or change its key mappings to something else on LiveFlight. There is no rudder support built on the joystick, it can’t twist and doesn’t have any slider or the likes of it. Any ideas?


Yes, I use that joystick and it works fine for IF. It’s a bit delayed due to it having to be connected to your wifi instead of being directly plugged in to the phone(I guess you could try that). I use liveflight connect for this.


I use it it works well

What do you use to control the rudder? I may be missing something but I can’t seem to control the rudder or change its controls anywhere

Should be able to twist the joystick to actuate the rudders.

If made a topic long ago, it indeed works

No it’s not twisty :(

I may have a model that’s newer than this one. Same look but it does twist to yaw.

bleh i should have researched a bit earlier before buying :X

Meh, I’m not a huge fan of using joysticks for IF anyways. I need to have instant response with the controls. It genuinely has a 1-2 second delay which is not ideal for approaches.

Also, this joystick is also a really good one if you decide on switiching. The price is reasonable for what you get :)

My mistake, I actually have this module. You can get it online for about $25-$30 used

Ohh… that makes sense now

I’ve got that one as well. Work’s as good as expected with IF.

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