Joystick support now that Apple allows it.

Now that Apple allows joysticks to be connected to iPads (like the Nimbus), and that Infinite Flight has joystick support (Android version works with joysticks that are plugged into the phone), shouldn’t a joystick connected through cable or Bluetooth to the iPad theoretically work on Infinite Flight?
I know that I’ve read things about this in the past, but Apple and Infinite Flight were different then.

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Doesn’t the app need to be updated first?

The Nimbus connects wirelessly as far as I can recall, which is completely different to a wired joystick connection.

I haven’t heard anything about Apple adding support for USB HIDs like joysticks in iOS (in all honesty, I’d be surprised if Apple did that), so unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this will be the case.


Yes, Cameron is absolutely correct. Bluetooth joysticks had been working for as long as I remember, but there has never been an allowance for USB joysticks. To be honest, I would pay Apple $1B if I had that kind of money.

Thanks for making a great app so all us Apple users can fly with joysticks

@RealAviation1974 they already have enough money. Lol


A direct connection to my IPad from my Joystick would be cool, doubt it will happen though…

However if this is true GREAT.

In a cheesy manner fist bumps the air.

I have managed to connect non-MFi devices to my iPad.
It’s always running the latest version of IOS, so no specifications needed.
So I basically use this Wirless Corsair Void Pro headset, but that doesn’t use Bluetooth.
Instead, it connects to this USB key like transmitter.
So I got an adapter (that also allows me to charge my iPad at the same time), plugged it into the Lightning port, and it works.
I mean, I managed to connect a USB device to my iPad, using it’s Lightning port.

A headset isn’t the same as a joystick, though - I think the reasons headsets are supported is because of the lack of headphone jack on newer iPhone models (the drivers exist for sound input/output via this interface).

Apart from that, cameras/multimedia storage is supported for importing into Photos app, but other devices aren’t.

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