Joystick Support in Infinite Flight

Ok. And what would the keyboard be useful for?


Press ‘G’ to deploy gear, ‘F’ for flaps, ‘B’ for brakes, etc…

So does IOS work yet? @Swang007

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You quoted the answer ^^


Okay what are you using? IOS or Android?

And will this be released by you guys? And I was asking that question because the quote above.^^^^^^^ @Swang007

It does not work until the iOS update is released yet.

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Will the Lightning to USB Camera adapter be needed for iOS?

I would think so.

That does not support joysticks, sorry.

3rd party = made by someone else ;)

And here I was thinking of getting an XBOX one and the update came… welp, guess I will have to put my money in Saitek Pro :P

Pity. Thanks for the feedback. Then, can you please confirm that only a wireless solution will be possible for iOS?

Yes, joystick support for iOS will run through a computer application allied LiveFlight Connect, which will be available soon


Honestly, the Logitech Extreme 3D is much better value for money. All the fancy functions on the X52 might not be supported :)


Coming soon :)

My question is, how reliable will the live flight connection be considering joystick inputs for IOS, will it have any lag or complete coverage of the joystick movement? possibly any restriction to its coverage of inputs due to the non direct connection through liveflight? it shows the joystick is directly connected to the android device but not the the IOS device. I would think this could be a problem with IOS users considering not everyones WIFI network is the same and it could also be slow at times…

Is it possible to put in a trottle handle and a steer or only a joystick?

From what I have tested it is pretty reliable (at the moment joystick movements are sent every 20ms when moved - any more and performance in IF will suffer). It will be shown in-app as a “Network Joystick”. You will have to have your PC/Mac and IF device on the same wifi network, but it will not be limited by your internet speed. I’ll post more on this soon :)


Can the buttons on the side of the extreme 3D pro be used to lower the gear,flaps etc? Also could I control the throttle via the stick opposed to on the device screen?