Joystick Support in Infinite Flight

Windows 10 will work best :)
Make sure to watch this video -

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live flight connect cant find the joystick

@cameron will be the best of help from here!

My Saitek X52 is pretty old. Never even realised they still made the model. Will it work just as well with live flight as newer models?

HI @Jamie_Akass, just got an used X52 for test. could you give a brief description witch buttons you have assigned to what? Or could you send your config from the saitek tool?

Regards, Tom

Can you use a wireless/wired Xbox 360 controller as a joystick

To my knowledge no, but you could use a Moga Controller. I don’t advise buying this though because it is very hard to fly with it.

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Yes, I have, but too much hassle playing with the throttle.
For the same price you can get a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.

It wouldn’t even find it. I can get the laptop connected to IF but over that it couldn’t find the joystick

sounds not good, thought that there are at least some users of this stick here around.
Thx anyway

Ya for my bday im going to buy one, thanks

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Does anyone know if a Toshiba Computer Works with IOS yet?

Hey guys I’ve got a thrustmaster T.flight hotas 4 and live flight isn’t reckonising it but me laptop is.
Would like to know why

Sam issue with Saitek X52pro. Other games recognise it full featured. LveflightConnect not.

My joystick is 4% “uncalibrated” in the roll, the joystick is ok as I use it for fsx so is there anyway to calibrate or anything, thanks

I hate to say this @Fynn but I had to return mine for a t flight hostas x. :) hope this helps

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Well I don’t think I can but I got a PS4 so I can use it there and also for FSX or something

my joystick is really glitchy with IF and liveflight connect
it stays connected for a few secs then disconnects
I have great internet connection so that shouldn’t be the problem.

This is the joystick:

Yeah my joystick is really glitchy too. I have the logitech 3D pro

First: It’s awesome that my joystick and throttle both work when I plug them into my android.
Controls: CH Fighterstick, CH Pro Throttle, CH Pro Pedals (incompatible)
Device: Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
USB Connector:

Two Questions to the IF Team. What would it take to make the CH Pro Pedals compatible as well as the Pro Throttle and Fighterstick?

Also, I notice that in the control settings, you aren’t able to adjust the sensitivity and dead zone of the throttle. The reason that this is a problem for me, is that in order for me to get full range of motion on all the axes is to:

  1. Delete/Reset
  2. Adjust sensitivity to zero
  3. Add the controller for that axis back on with that sensitivity bar down
  4. Then adjust sensitivity up to the point where that axis is then given full range of motion

Without being able to do this for the throttle, my throttle bottoms out at 9% and maxes out at 93% when sensitivity is maxed out all the way and with a zero deadzone.

Finally, the reason that I am in need of getting my Pro Pedals to work is because the Fighterstick does not have the yaw capability through twisting the stick. Moreover, the cursor hat on my Pro Throttle only gives a 50% left to right range of motion on the yaw axis when I set the cursor yat as the yaw axis.