Joystick Support in Infinite Flight

Got it working! I’m so happy. It crashes every now and then if I switch cameras, but for normal flight it works fine.

EDIT: Both IF and LFC crash when I switch cameras.

Live flight connect is mucking up

That’s happened to me LFC + IF crashed when I changed cameras but they is a new update so just delete it and redownload it and I think it should be fine.

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@Cameron Liveflight Connect works perfect now, thanks for fixing it.

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So I recently got my joystick (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) working, but realized that you can’t program the buttons to do tasks such as flaps and landing gear. Does anyone know how to fix this (maybe @Cameron or @Laura)?

Thanks, Cbro

EDIT: Downloaded AutoHotKeys and messed around. Works great.

That is a known issue and I don’t know if they are going to fix it. Here is my support thread if you are wondering, Joystick Issues

Hello, I can’t seem to assign my Joystick to Pitch+roll+the others, I’m pretty sure i’ve done all the steps. But when i get to the the part where you asssign the Joystick in infinite flight theres no response.

Any staff here atm? Need a hand with^

i have a t fligth hostas 4 will it work?

Yes, plug it in to your Computer via USB and pull up LiveFlight Connect and setup your Joystick in IF settings :) make sure Enable Infinite Connect is on :)

i was trying that it didnt work anything i am doing wrong

Are you using Mac or Windows

i am using windows 10 i do have a windows 7 pc if that helps

Windows 10 will work best :)
Make sure to watch this video -

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live flight connect cant find the joystick

@cameron will be the best of help from here!

My Saitek X52 is pretty old. Never even realised they still made the model. Will it work just as well with live flight as newer models?

HI @Jamie_Akass, just got an used X52 for test. could you give a brief description witch buttons you have assigned to what? Or could you send your config from the saitek tool?

Regards, Tom

Can you use a wireless/wired Xbox 360 controller as a joystick

To my knowledge no, but you could use a Moga Controller. I don’t advise buying this though because it is very hard to fly with it.

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