Joystick stopped working

Tap on it. it will say
Since you have purchase this app, you will get it again for FREE.

Then tap OK.

So I put in my password and then download it and press the £4.99 button and then it says thta?

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Correct. PM me if you have any more questions!
-Julian K.

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Let’s just remember Infinite Flight is not designed for a Joystick. Wifi being slow can cause lag and sometimes make it not work at all. (Sometimes or for me always) That is normal as it is not designed for a Joystick. It was designed to bring advanced flight simming to your finger tips.

But Luke, if it is not designed for a joystick then why is Live Flight Connect a thing?

This is a way round it, there is no permanent solution that will fix your problem entirely.

Just something to keep in mind :)

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