Joystick stopped working

I recently bought a joy stick that has various problems with it that I’ve posted on the joy stick help page. since buying this and it having problems, I have gone back to tilt. auto pilot has stopped working.i set altitude to 6000 and 2200vs. it went right past 6000 without stopping. then I put vs to 1000 and it arrived on at 2200vs
what is happening, had the joystick bugged my app?

I do not think that. I think it is your device you where using was

  • The WiFi
  • recalibrate
  • restart flight
  • restart device
  • delete app
  • reinstall
    (No progress will be lost)

Hopefully this helps! See you later.
-Julian K.

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That’s really strange, you might have to contact a mod or staff for that. But…

1- Have you tried restarting the device?
2- Have you tried re-installing the app?

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Try recalibrate or reinstall the app and let’s see IF works

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Also, you may want to change the topic to #support and come up with a better title. The title says the Joystick has stopped working.

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it doesn’t let me do #support

thanks btw ill try all those things

Really? That’s weird!

I am a basic too, but I can post at support.

oh ok
rly strange

Change the title and under it it says the category’s.

still no its rly weird

Its Is fine. this is third party too.

Have a nice day.
-Julian K.

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I deleted the app like u said and it’s asking for 5 pounds again to install

Well the 5 pound is your issue probably. Connect with your apple ID if you’re using apple products or try to restore purchases.

How do I restore purchases if I can’t get the app without paying again

Are you using an apple product like iPad, iPhone etc to play/download IF again?

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I looked in my purchases and it’s not there, i in the end, bought it again but still it’s not in my purchases when I purchased it a second ago

@ewoharg4 if you purchase, it will be for free because you have bought it before. are you on ios?

Yes I’m on iOS
I went on the the App Store and there wasn’t a download option, there was only one to re buy it

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