Joystick setup

Hi guys,

I’ve been having trouble connecting my joystick to IF. I’ve done it before in the past, however for some reason it doesn’t even recognize the network controller anymore. I’ve deleted and reset the controls numerous times as well as close the app and live flight connect. Both my PC and phone are connected to the same network. The phone is only picking up the default accelerometer. I’ve moved my joystick back and forth to try and get it to pick up the connection but it just won’t.

Any ideas and or hints?

Thanks in advance!

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What joystick are you using?

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This may help…

Logitech extreme 3D PRO

yah that thread should help

I think I may have found the culprit. My PC was booting in safe mode for some reason. I’m guessing that it disabled the usb driver where the joystick plugs in. I rebooted my computer in regular mode and it is picking up the joystick!

Thanks again!


Glad you fixed your problem!

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Hey i use the Saitekx52 and i have tried to use it but it wont work could someone please help me and i do not have the pro

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