Joystick setup

So I just got a joystick (logitech extreme 3d pro) for IF, figured it would make it a bit more realistic. Now I flew with it a few times and I don’t feel like it’s setup the way I want it to be. Can y’all maybe share your setup, sensitivity etc (if you are using a controller). Would really appreciate it!

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Hi there, if you would kindly Review the Joystick thread that would be great and we would be glad to assist ;)

Be sure to thoroughly review the attached thread. Also, if you are using Live Flight Connect have a look in that thread too.


Only a small minority of users actually use a joystick so you may not get many answers. Try fiddling with sensitivity for 15 minutes until it feels right

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Sure thing! I apologise for creating this thread. Cheers!

@Levet - you’re driving! Get off the forums you addict! (Can you believe this guy?)