Joystick roll axis not calibrated on Android

Device: Galaxy A52s 5G with BLACK WIDOW XE Flightstick (see: BLACK WIDOW XE Flightstick, black | SL-6640-BK)
Operating system: Android 13

When I connect my joystick via a USB OTG connector, the joystick correctly connects. However the aileron axis is not centred. So the aircraft constantly banks to the right and I have to pull the joystick to the left to fly straight and level.
Is there anyway of ‘centering’ the joystick? The pitch and yaw axes are fine.

maybe in settings? i don’t know about joysticks.

I know this might not sound very helpful, but have you made sure to calibrate? it could be the problem. Edit: I don’t really know much about joysticks.

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