Joystick Question

I bought a logitech extreme 3d Pro a while ago. After some time it will turn itself off and I won’t be able to use it. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?


Have you tried these steps?

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Yes it works as should but during long haul flights it turns itself off

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If you mean “turns itself off” by randomly losing control, then yes, it has happened to me before, especially on short final. All you can do really is to use autoland until 500-1000ft to prevent that from happening.

Yes you’re right… I have encountered this issue many times before when i found suddenly that the stick doesn’t work and no aircraft response is noted… So you just need to close the Live Flight App from your computer and open it again

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Thank you 👍

I’ve just had this issue during my flight. What infuriated me is that it always happens on final when I disconnected the autopilot… After spending hours in the air and put efforts in descent; i got this bad surprise from my stick… I need to know if that happens because of internet connection issues, live flight app issues or stick itself issues…

It’s not a connection problem, the joystick doesn’t connect to the Internet

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It happens to me too. It’s really annoying. So I am really looking forward to iPad os 13 which hopefully they can make it really simple, just use usb-c connect joystick to my iPad like the way in android.


iPadOS 13 is already out and there is no support for direct joystick connections, so we will probably have to wait for iPadOS 14 or later.

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It connects to devices by means of network which means both the computer and the other device running IF should be on the same wifi

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