Joystick question

Hello everybody!

Just a quick question. Would this thing work to connect a joystick to my mobile device (Huawei P20 lite) or not? The joystick is a Speedlink Phantom Hawk (if that’s correct 😂 I’m not too good with joysticks). It doesn’t have to be exactly the product in the link above just something like that.
Thanks for your help!

Logitech is the only brand that has ever been officially tested by Infinite Flight.

I’ll say, that it is highly unlikely that the above listed joystick would not work as long as it is a USB joystick, and you have an OTG cable for it.

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Uhm…the link finally loaded in my browser…not sure what the heck that thing is, why dont you just get a regular OTG cord to connect your joystick to?

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There are quite a few topics regarding joysticks. I recommend doing a little read.


Thanks @IsimonSays! With that “Thing” you can put a usb cable in on the one side and on the other side you can plug it into your mobile device. I know that the Joystick works with IF as I’ve tested it with LiveFlight. But I was just wondering if this works as i don’t Always want to switch on my Laptop when I’m flying. And @AlphaSeven I know there are a lot of Topics I have searched an read many but I couldn’t find any About my Problem so I should be good to go.


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