Joystick problem

Hi I bought a joystick but I don’t know how can ı connect to Infinite flight . İs any one can help me ?


Bear in mind that LiveFlightConnect is no longer receiving updates so you may run into issues.

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Hey! Are you on Android or IOS?

I use android

Android has the advantage that you can plug your joystick directly into your device (usually a USB on the go cable is needed). Once plugged in, you need to go to controls then “show devices” and if the joystick shows up you can assign the axis and you’re ready to go. No third party app required :)

I don’t understand exactly where should I connect the joystick’s cable and how do I connect it to the phone

You’ll usually need a USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable.

Something like this:

This is a USB-C to USB on-the-go cable. Now you’ve gotta check if your phone uses USB-C or if it uses another port (like Micro-USB), and buy the relevant USB on-the-go cable accordingly.

After you do that, simply plug it into your phone, then plug your joystick into the USB on-the-go port and off you go! :)

ok thanks !

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