Joystick problem

so i try to use my controller to steer but i didn’t like so i switch back and now my when i try to move my phone up, the plane wont go up. plz help me im soo confuse.

Did you calibrate your device?

yes and it doesn’t work

Hi, can you go into settings → controls → axes and check if you have accelerometer in the top 2 rows? If you see something else, tap on the row and press reset

There we go, just press on Roll and pitch row specifically inside the Key/Axes column, there press reset and you should be good

nah didn’t work

That is weird, maybe try doing the same but pressing delete first and then reset?

nope just goes back to what it was

Hmmm, looks like more of an IOS quirk. Is your joystick still connected to the device?

no it’a not

Interesting, have you tried restaring your device?

i think i fixed it for now, but im in a flight so i just have to do it tmr

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