Joystick problem

My joystick (3D Pro) works well and all, but after a while of inactivity it doesn’t work. After decent I take over from autopilot but nothing happens when I move the joystick.

Could someone help?


@Adam_S Same thing happens to my 3D Pro after a med haul or longer flight, I close LiveFlight Connect on my laptop and restart it before I get to my TOD. Only takes 5 seconds to restart the program and it normally works fine…assuming you’re using an Apple product.


Does LiveFlight close with long haul flights? Sometimes the computer or PC can go to sleep after a while, so be careful with that.

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If this is a LiveFlight issue and you are using Windows, make sure you have the power saving settings for USB deactivated.

This is one of many guides in how to do that:


I am just plugging the joystick into My device (android) using a USB/OTG cable

Never used IF with Android, but if schyllberg’s guide didn’t help you Check Here

If you still cant figure it out go to the Support category and keyword search for 3D Pro Android and see what you find.

it happened to me as well, my joystick had an update. I didn’t know that was a thing till i looked it up.

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