Joystick or Yoke? (Poll)

Do you prefer a joystick or a yoke? I prefer a yoke. Comment below and say why you prefer it!

  • Yoke
  • Joystick

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I’d prefer a joystick but I don’t have one it would be easier to use of say & more realistic since I mostly fly Airbus aircraft

I prefer a yoke because having flown in a 737-800, a320 and a380 simulator I feel I had more control with a yoke!


I’d say yoke for Boeing, Cessna, etc… and stick for Airbus, fighters, etc.

I fly Boeing and Cessna mostly so I voted yoke. If I flew Airbus it would be stick.

It has to be plane appropriate. Whatever was in the cockpit when it was built! :)

I have been using a joystick and honestly I think it is more touchy and challenging. Probably more realistic than using just the tablet as a yoke. I don’t know how an external yoke would be.

The Joystick is easier to use. It trims itself


I mean for a real aircraft

Prefer a yoke, just because it was my first controller for a flight sim