Joystick or no joystick ?

Hi guys,

I wanted to know what difference a joystick makes to the gameplay, does it make it easier to control the plane ?

Probably not easier. It does add some realism though if that’s what you’re aiming for. :)

Yeah, I am looking for realism ! Thanks a lot :)

tbh i dont use a joystick…If i wanted to use that I would use a PC based flight sim instead, but that defects the popint of a mobile flight sim.

I just bought a joystick yesterday and I am returning it because it’s so much more work and so much you will be forced to get used to.

Idk about everyone else, but I would never be able to fly in IF without a joystick. I have an Extreme 3D Pro Flight Stick made by Logitech. You could pick one up on Amazon for about $50.


Interesting point of views, I will see what I decide, thanks everyone :)

That’s the one I am returning, im this having second thoughts about it. Can you cancel an amazon return?

Idk but I think you might have to buy it again.

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I’ve been using the Logitech Extreme 3D pro for about a year now, I must say that I would never be able to fly without it again.

Alright I haven’t dropped it off so I’m cancelling my return. I’m going to give the joystick another try😀

Great! I hope you’ll enjoy. Make sure to put your sensitivity low, otherwise it’s very hard to fly precisly :)

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I dont use a joystick… I have a case on my ipad attached to a keyboard so it makes it feel like im flying with a yoke. If that makes sense…

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