Joystick on Xiaomi phones

Does anyone here simulate with Joystick on Infinite Flight with some Xiaomi device? I bought a Joystick and I am unable to connect to it.

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Are you using this?

It has been deprecated since the time stated above.

FYI - member is already aware that Xiaomi devices are unfortunately not compatible with the OTG-cable option.

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I talked to support, but somebody managed to use it, you never know

Ok, close the topic if you want.

Not my intention :)
Just wanted to make others aware so they know beforehand what’s already been handled, and may come up with another kind of suggestion.

As you said yourself, maybe someone managed to figure it out.

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I was trying to use the OTG cable, but it doesn’t work on Xiaomi devices. I tried Live Flight Connect, I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but it’s not working.

It’s been deprecated so there’s no official support for it. As @schyllberg said, OTGs don’t really work on Xiaomis

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