Joystick on iOS/Android (via Raspberry Pi): anyone interested?

Hey guys, so I got myself a Raspberry Pi 3+ and have been tinkering around with it. It is SO much fun, just this little box that is running a full blown operating system on it. 😍

Anyways, I ended up doing this in some spare time:

Really has been a fun project so far. Now, this little box is connected to the IF API, so of course this is only the beginning for what could be done with this idea - I have lots of ideas of what I could in theory also do (and would love to hear your ideas, too!)…

  • have a local server running that would be a web based controller for IF, think something like
    opening http꞉//yourlocalraspberrypiserver/api/set/autopilot/altitude/30000 in your browser sets the autopilot altitude - this would enable remote controlling!
  • hook up instrument panels like the Saitek panels
  • hook up a head tracker
  • other ideas?

But I first wanted to toss this out to you all and see if there is interest. (And before anyone asks, don’t worry, I’m still working on In-Flight Assistant and In-Flight Operations as well.)

Is this something you’d be at all interested in? Do you have crazy ideas, too?

  • I have a Raspberry Pi already and would LOVE this
  • I have a Raspberry Pi and think this is OK at best
  • I do not have a Raspberry Pi yet but would absolutely consider buying one for this
  • I do not have a Raspberry Pi yet and don’t think I would get one for this

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I’d love to see this! A mix of my technology nerd self and my aviation self will also love this…


Xplane/P3D setup in IF? I’d totally be all in if it didn’t sound so expensive.

I guess? The problem with X-Plane/P3D is more the expensive computer needed to run it, no? You avoid that with IF!

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I’ve a joystick. But would seriosly like something like:

If I can have a raspberry pi with a mini lcd touch screen. I can plug in my joystic in it. Will have many functions to control the aircraft. Plus the option of auto trim button some how. If it can detect the tilt of my joystick in Y axis and based on that auto trims the aircraft. Would be definetly domething i would love to buy.

Main thing holding me from flying with my joystick more often is trim with large airliners. And pain to turn on my laptop.

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I have an Arduino not a Raspberry Pi, could that work?

I had similairs ideas last week.

Didn’t get time yet to do some test with Arduino but many possibilities:

LED/Displays to see flight instrument information
Glide scope indicate with LEDs
knobs and buttons to set and change A/P
buttons to set flaps, spoiler and gear.

This way you could almost make your home IF cockpit.
Made someday the same for race simulator, to see speed, gear etc on a physical display

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Not sure, does an Arduino run Java?

I dont event know what a rasberry PI is. But I have bought every single add on offered by every third party company so far. And iv spent a lot of money on multiple iPad pros to run IF assistant and instruments as well as ForeFlight on seperare screens, If I could run instruments in a beter way with this “box” i would buy that too for sure.


A Raspberry Pi is a miniature computer the size of that little box in the video. It costs between $20 for lower-end models to like $80 which is what I paid for mine, including a power adapter, 4 USB ports, an HDMI port, WiFi and Bluetooth. Here’s their main web site:

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Man this is great! I’m not sure if there’s a whole lot of interest in this because most people are buying a whole new device but I think it would be cool as an open source project or something along those lines.

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Yep that’s what I’m trying to figure out…

it’s kind of fun to think of what theoretically could be done with a little box that runs in your network connected to IF. Imagining getting something like this working with IF awakens the geek in me -> 😃


Change my vote to an absolute yes then. I would be a first customer for sure man!


Amazing product bro thanks for sharing 😁 how did all the buttons disappear off the screen permanently whilst flying ☺️👊🏻👌🏻

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It’s a setting in IF, you can have the UI auto-hide after a number of seconds. Since I’m only controlling via joystick, the UI remains hidden.

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C++ unfortunately.

Perhaps I’ll try to pull it off.

REALLY like to have !

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Hmm that’s definitely a bit tougher, then. Also you’ll need to get a useable joystick interface up and running, which is basically included on Raspbian (sudo apt-get install joystick) - but that might also work on Arduino? It gives you a joystick input stream on /dev/input/js0

Realy cool

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That’s really cool so as long as I have a joystick etc connected it will hide the buttons? 👊🏻