Joystick not working

It is not working, pitch, roll just goes all off. Can someone help?

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Have you download liveflight connect?

Yes, it said connected.

Ok make sure you reset their axis (or whatever it’s called) and make sure they’re on a different unit for each one

Is it just stuck to that the whole time?

It changes, but in big jumps and keeps going unsigned.

Yeah well with joysticks for IF, it’s hard to get exact measurements of where it’s at, unlike other flight sims where is responds perfectly

I can’t get any control

Hmm ok, I’ve also been through the same thing as you, maybe click on this link right here: Joystick Support in Infinite Flight if you haven’t already

Yes, maybe it is because I am using a Mac

No no it doesn’t I have a Mac too, and it works

You’ve downloaded the Mac version of connect, right?

From the App Store, yes

Wait do you download it from the App Store?

Ohh yes right I remember that

Hey Luke,

I have a Mac and same setup as you. Can you tell us if your internet is running fine? (Sorry If you already mentioned it, I’m not going to read the last 17 replies)

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As Bravo said it could be because of the internet, but try to reset the axes as many times as it needs until it works, trust me it takes a little while

My internet is fine