Joystick not responsive with Infinite Flight

So I just got a joystick and I tried it on Infinite Flight… it did connect as expected however the response of the controls was a bit delayed… could anyone help me out on this?

Here’s a video

LiveFlight Connect is very weak app and deprecated which means there won’t be any updates nor support… I have been suffering from joystick issues lately which makes my experience in IF not enjoyable… Sorry for this…

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According to LiveFlight Connect, their app is deprecated and support for the app ended in February 2020.

You can read the announcement here, under the section ‘Deprecation’ :

If you’re up to it, the code is open source - you could try and dig into it to make some improvements yourself.

Keep an eye out for alternatives too - such as Map Connect which is still kinda buggy (it’s on its first version) but is being worked on.

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