Joystick not responding during landing/multiplayer

I seem to lose joystick control when in multiplayer on approach. No issues at all when flying solo in any area, landings are a breeze.
However when in multiplayer mode, and I attempt to land, my joystick seems to disconnect and i end up crashing.
Using a MK908II Android TV stick (1.6ghz quad core, 2GBram/8GBrom)

Check your control panel on infinite flight and the live flight. If the app live flight has crashed you lose connection.

You may have a button on the joystick which messes it up as well.

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Thanks skylines…
Checked both the control settings and the buttons on the joystick (never would have thought of that), but this issue still occurs.
Avoiding ATC playground/adavanced until I figure this out.
Thanks for your help though.