joystick non functioning

I am using the logitech extreme 3d pro and i connected it to my s9+. At first the joystrick was functionable. After a while(taking off for 1 min), the pitch and throttle was not working. However, the command key that i made for brakes on the controller, roll and yaw were

working. The joystick is working for my other device(ipad pro 11). And i am using this adapter. Why does this happen?

So much for portable, Android mobile gaming without the help of PC liveflight connect… :(

I’m using the same adapter as yours and mine don’t even register specifically only on IF! Legend has it that you’ll need to switch OTG adapter to Innatek USB Hub, like what this IF pilot did:

Sadly, that thing is not available in my country and I don’t have cc for foreign purchases :(
So I’ll probably sell my E3Pro and switch to another Logitech joystick, WHICH WORKS perfectly fine using the same adapter above in your picture.
Hope that helps.

Oh I see. So this adaptor is not the otg one right?

but the funny thing is why it can onlu be used for one or two mins

Though I’m no expert, my guess is power instability when using certain OTG’s, but the real problem is a mystery. We both have androids, it worked differently in yours and mine - while other Logitech joystick will work fine for IF on my phone, and I bet on yours too USING THAT VERY SAME OTG CONNECTOR pictured in your post above (albeit with no rudder twist feature like 3DEPro) - but in Laura’s IF joystick tutorial, one of the suggestion (and pictured) was 3D Extreme Pro and it should’ve worked just fine, yet it has the most incompatibility complaints.

Also did you know there’s actually 2 types of 3DExtreme Pro? Just take a look on the sticker underneath, it’s either something like JU-K1 or F1 something.

But as IF has been a growing development, perhaps an old code that once worked circa Laura’s joystick tutorial - has now become obsolete (it was made circa 2014!). I really wish IF dev team could glance back if they have the time, to check on recent Extreme 3D Pro connectivity on Android - is it still connecting today? A lot of us are picturesque critters, we see the pic on that tutorial and we buy the stuff - and so we bought 3D Extreme Pro, only to bite our lower lips while the (unrefundable) receipt note is still crisp in the box. Perhaps an update info on things are needed, because I’ve been reading the same complaints recently (including mine in another thread :) ).
Hope that helps!

Do you use live flight connect?

I use it when I fly with my iPad. And it also has lots of problem. Today I use my iPad to fly. After taking off, the connection showed in my computer lost for 5sec and reconnected. However, my joystick didn’t. I have to turn the software on the computer off and reopen it. Then the joystick is reconnected. It is quite annoying because you don’t know when it will happen. It made me crash twice.

My point of using otg to connect them together is probably finding a second way of connection and see which one has less bugs lol. And it turns out that both ways have got seriously big bugs.

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