Joystick Issues

Does anyone or has anyone had issues with the Thrustmaster Hotas joysticks?

There are buttons that keep closing the app, even when trying to re-assign them in the settings.

Which app are you using?

Just the infinite flight app but buttons 2 and 3 on the Hotas joystick, keep closing Infinite Flight, was just seeing if there was a fix

Hi there.

Firstly, are you using a third-party app to connect the joystick to IF? If so, which one?

Secondly, just to clarify here, with the above statement, do you mean the buttons keep closing Infinite Flight?

I’m not currently using a third party app, just straight through infinite flight and yeah as soon as I press the buttons the app instantly closes

Are you using an Android device?!

Yeah Samsung Tab S4

Try to reassign buttons again

One of the buttons stopped closing the app but another still is, the Button 2 (F2)

Ahh. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with direct input into an Android device, so will be unable to help with that specifically.

However, while we’re at it, do you have a computer available to use when flying? If so, I recommend using a third-party app, such as LiveFlight Connect or Map Connect, to connect your joystick with IF.

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