Joystick issues

Still doesn’t work lol

What PC are you using

It’s a laptop tho, SONY Vaio

The software seems to be working, maybe something with the hardware. I cannot help more I’m sorry. I just have to recommend buying the Logitech Extreme. I have it and it’s working perfect. I will also be able to assist more then.

Good luck!

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I assume you have tried restarting IF aswell correct? Keep trying to reset the axis on the device and LiveFlight connect and see if something gives. The hotas is probably the most used joystick by community members so that’s not the problem here.

@SwedishFlyer Thank you for all your help, I found one off eBay for a cheap price, Also thanks for the recommendation


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I use my laptop, I take it you have tried all the ports

Yea the HOTAS X is a bit popular on here, but they don’t sell it anymore here for some reason, Swiss001 uses the Logitech SwedishFlyer recommended me, I found one off of eBay

Yes, All ports, and all ports work but still not working on IF

And it says T-Flight HOTAS 4 is ready to use

Have you looked at the support website for the joystick?

Looks like there is some important information for using this joystick with a PC. I don’t own this one, but figured it wouldn’t hurt if you looked here as well.

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I’ll have a look, I have a manual on me rn, but I’ll have a check

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