Joystick Issues!

So for the first time in awhile I decide not to use my joystick (Logitech Extreme 3D). When you go back to setup the joystick again you have to setup the controls (if you want to). When I try and set the controls I click on the thing but a millisecond after I click it just goes to this one button so its impossible to set the controls! insert mad face emoji Although when I reinstall the app its fine until I repeat the same process over again!
Device: iPad Air
iOS: 11

Thank you for contacting support. Can you please provide a screen shot of what “this one button” you are referring to?

Sure! I’ll actually take a video

Thanks that will really help.

Ok actually I don’t really think its just one button! I tried to do the same thing again didn’t do it that time, but than when I spawned in and tried to release the brakes they just kept braking after I would click it.

How do I upload a video? Do I have to post it to YouTube? Turn your screen lock on and put resolution 1080p. Also look at the brakes at the end of the video.

Thanks we will take a look.

Unfortunately what you are experiencing is a known issue that should be fixed in a future release. .


Ok thanks I guess ill just have to wait! You can close it now

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