Joystick Issues

Ok thanks might try!

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I can send you the code I currently have once you install it (if you chose too).

Are you using LiveFlight Connect? Reinstalling the app solved this problem for me.

Reinstall may help, but crashing of live flight connect happens everyday to me, I am on latest os on mac and ipad and LFC and it still happens.

I was in contact with Cameron and by his opinion, problem is not within his app (LFC).

What I think is that the problem is in Infinite Flight Connect API from FDS, where are some bugs that are causing connetion drops and therefore is crashing either LFC or IF.

But as you notice in IF settings, it is experimental feature, so it may cause crashes. Let’s just hope FDS will look into it in the near future.

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I found that if it crashes closing LFC and then opening it back up, so it reconnects, seems to work for me.

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