Joystick Issues

Got the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and for some reason the top buttons->yaya fixedare crashing the game when I click them. It only crashed though when it was set to next camera and prev. camera in controls. I used to use the left side with flaps and right side with cameras. Soon the right side would crash so I made the flaps a different control and the cameras to the left. Now that side is crashing. If I switch it back to flaps now it will still crash. Please help me… it seems like half of my controller is broken :/


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I have the same problems with my next and previous cameras using Thrustmaster HOTAS X flight controller.


Any updates/fixes on this?

No sadly not, I’m hoping someone will fix this soon though.

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Me too.

I’m having the same issue with the camera buttons on my Hotas X.

If I start the game and change camera using the joystick for the first time, the game will always crash.

But if I use the ipad to change camera the first time and then after that change cameras using the buttons on the joystick, the game does not always crash, but sometimes does.

Using iPad Pro 11.0.3
ThrustMaster Hotas X


Still any fix for this yet?

If there wasn’t 17 days ago then no, I’m afraid not. My only guess would be to unconnect then reconnect the joystick but that might not fix it. Sorry mate.

Just tried to uninstall the app and download it again, went to the controls set up them up and attempted to use those buttons however they worked for about 5 times than crashed the app.

I have the same issues : IOS 11.1 on iPhone 6 - Thrustmaster joystick connected from Mac Live Flight Connect.

Any fox with the new update?

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I don’t know yet… LFC needs to be fixed first.

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Live Flight Connect is fixed…

Oh it is? I’ll try it

Cameron has pushed an update for it, and please this is using LiveFlight, therefore this should be in #thirdparty.

I made this topic before #thirdparty was added so someone needs to switch it to it.

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Oh I’m sorry I didn’t see the date in which this was made.

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Nevermind just changed it

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The issue with the “next camera” function on the networked joystick still occurs unfortunately:(

Yes in deed it does for me. Crashes.
Windows 10 PC
Android 7 Nvidia tablet

If you use AutoHotKey you can write a script so certain buttons do certain tasks like gear, flaps, etc. working on making the POVHat move cameras. I’m using a Logitech Extreme too BTW.