Joystick issue

Hi there, I am not able to properly calibrate my joystick to work with IF.
When the joystick is in neutral position, all the axis stuck at around 70%.
I am using Mac OS and IOS devices. Thurstmaster T.16000M anyone having the same issue? and how to fix it?
Thank You

Have you set the network controller as the controls in IF? Or try ‘Use this position as centre’.

How to do that?

Its on the app I believe. In Liveflight, or on your calibration software.

I don’t see any position setting or set network controller as the control in Liveflight app tho.

LiveFlight Help

Maybe those links could help ;)


Thank You :)
but i am using Mac tho…

The process for setting up on OS X is very similar. Check out the Setup Guide for more info. ;)

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