Hi guys, a quick topic here… There many of us that screen share our devices to our TV screenbto make it look a bit more fun. I’ve used a Logitech joystick with an adapter but after a while obvisuly we need to charge our device this disconnecting the joystick is a must. The problem is if you reconnect the joystick again the game won’t recognize it so you have to land normal with out it and some times when you set up your phone to normal with the axes. Can If please give the option to detect the joystick always. Also for IOS devices???


Can you send a pic of the jack for the joystick

Have you looked into wireless charging?

Not really

It’s the nirbal USB type connected into an adapter then the adapter goes to the device C type… But now I have an iPad… Bought and adapter but the iPad doesn’t recognize it… I don’t think there is a thing compatible with ios

Sorry meant to say normal

If im not wrong, I asked Laura in a Dm about detecting joysticks. She said that it has to do with iOS to detect joysticks, nothing really to do with IF. I will look for the DM and see if I can find it.

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