Joystick Issue

Not sure if this should be general or support, but I will start it out here.


I tried to install LiveFlight Connect, because I was interested in testing out my joystick with the simulator. It successfully downloaded, but whenever I try and run the program, a windows message pops up and says that it is not supported by the windows store, and it won’t play it.

Is there a way to allow it through so I can use it?

Thanks in advance!


LiveFlightConnect is no longer supported so it may or may not work. Use at your own risk :)

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Is there any other programs that I could use?

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If you have an android tablet you SHOULD be able to plug it directly in.

This is also another method but not sure how it worked to be quite honest:

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I would be connecting it to my iPhone. Also, thanks so much for the help, it’s really appreciated. :)

You are most welcome :)

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