Joystick Issue

Hello all, I have a small problem with joystick support.
Today i finally got my joystick and configured everything. It works fine and all aswell as no issues with the app itself to a degree. I was doing a 3 & 1/2 hour flight and i had to unplug my joystick so i could charge my device. (I’m on android so i use USB otg Cable to connect) and after i plugged it back in i had disconnected autopilot and all the buttons worked on the joystick but IF wasnt responding to any of my inputs for actual aircraft control. (Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Throtte) none of those responded.
The joystick itself isnt the problem because after i finished the flight i was able to pair my axis again but in flight it wouldnt let me reassign the controls like i had done before.
I hope this isn’t confusing
Please help
Thanks in advance:)

Ok, thanks.
I didn’t know that.

Wait but i dont depend on liveflight connect.
I use my own device since i have andriod.

Have you tried doing a quick device restart?

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No because all i have to do is end the flight but otherwise i cant assign my controls again for flying the aircraft

You cannot plug the device in mid-flight. You will have to do it before and re-map the keys.

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How do i charge and fly then?

I think that will be impossible. Charge your device before flying

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That is an Android limitation. I tried USB hubs but nothing will work without a separate charging port. Sorry.

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Ok, thank you for your help sir:)

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