Joystick isn’t work

Hello guys!, I have an issue with my joystick
yesterday I bought a joystick in amazon, today I started testing it with the simulator and I have a problem, it works more or less, my problem is that when the lever is in vertical position, I mean without moving, the helm in the simulator is tilted To the left, it is impossible to make turns to the left, I have a mac and I followed all the steps I had to follow to install the joystick, what can I do?

Try calibrating IF…

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What do you mean?, calibrate the joystick?

How is the joystick connected?

By LiveFlight connect, the joystick is connected to my computer

You need to calibrate on your computer/LiveFlight Connect if that’s the case.

Ok, but how?

Something like this:

Ok, but i have a problem, i have a Mac, so IDK where’s those things

Ask the Google

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