Joystick is no longer working at if

i personally like flying with my joystick when i´m flying airbus aircrafts, but it wont longer connect anymore, i would like joystick working again at if!

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What are your device specifications and your version of Infinite Flight?

Also, are you using any third-party programs or apps to connect your joystick to IF?

i have a 4 gen ipad, latest version of if, and i use live flight connect,

So, to confirm, you have updated to the hotfix update for airports? There have been other issues with 3rd party apps in this hotfix (such as ForeFlight Reported Issue 1 and ForeFlight Reported Issue 2). Did you have any issues before updating to the latest version?

This isn’t related to airports…

I am aware. I believe that the Hotfix released was fixing airport issues. If you clicked on the links I shared, you can see the way 3rd party apps were affected.

Well a joystick isn’t a third party app so…

yes, i don´t think airports have something to do with the joystick issue

You are using Live Flight Connect, yes? Also, it was just a suggestion. I’m just trying to troubleshoot the issue.

As per the LiveFlight Connect website, LiveFlight Connect is no longer officially supported and is deprecated.

What does this mean?
Live Flight Connect will still possibly connect to Infinite Fight however if you experience issues the developer is unable to provide support. The community will help out the best they can if they are able.

This means that in future versions of IF, LiveFlight connect is less likely to work as expected.

An alternative is Map Connect, information linked below:


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