Joystick in flight connection

Hi this is something I have brought up a while ago and i’m just wondering if it is now in infinite flight and that is connecting a joystick mid flight and actually being able to control the plane with it. The only reason why this is a big deal is because I cant charge my phone and also have something connected to it (mainly on long hauls like Toronto to Dubai). I want to buy an infinite flight subcription and just wondering if this issue is fixed yet. :)

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This is not considered an issue from our end due to how the app is developed :)
All the flight control parameters are set up during the launch of the app, if you change any of those during the flight you won’t be able to use the app properly.

It might work with a splitter of some sort, so you would be able to charge and have your joystick connected at the same time :)


The only way that it will work is if you purchase a dual OTG cord that has two female USB ports.

They sell them online for a few bucks.

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