Joystick help

Should be fine

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I’m not sure. I’m not an IT expert, but as I said; you need to have macOS operating system in your laptop/computer, if you want your joystick to work with an IOS device.

When I use it I only have to connect it to the phone via USB, I feeling now I’m so lucky because I don’t have to install never an app

No you do not, my shoddy old laptop running like windows 9 connects to my 2018 ipad

Really?! I’m not really sure, but if you say so!

If it works, then I will fly on casual to get the hang of it! If it does not then I will save up for a laptop that it will work on!

I believe that you need an Macbookbtp connect it to IOS but I’m not really sure I will try with windows😂

As long as you can download LiveFlight connect and have that running, the Sim and computer connect through WiFi, and then plug your joystick in via usb on the computer. If you need more help send me a pm and I’ll do my best!

I’m literally connected to windows now with Logitech extreme 3d pro and iPad 2018

Ok so it works, perfect thank you

I run IF on my iPad, and I have no problem using my HP Spectre to run the joystick.

Alright so now I have my joystick and I was wondering what to do next. Do I just connect it to the monitor?

This topic goes step by step of what you should do:

This is so wrong. I use a PC for my iPhone & iPad. My MacBook has problems maintaining the connection to IF and it won’t recognize & properly calibrate my Extreme 3D Pro. The windows machine actually works better than my Mac.

Just set it up on my laptop, it worked! Thanks everyone for your help.

Welcome to the community!

This might be a little off topic, but what type, brand, or model of joystick would you recommend? I would be using a MacBook and iPad 2 Air.

Download Liveflight on your computer then connect your joystick with a USB cabel to the computer liveflight will automatically connect to your IF if you are in the same internet and and you have both open

I recommend the Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick.

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