Joystick help

Hello community I am expecting a joystick today and was wondering how I set it up (IOS). Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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You can check this topic. It will explain how to set it up :)


Ik Android it works with only connecting the joystick to the phone but I remember that in IOS is also the same but try it. :)

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First, do you have a macbook? If so, install the free app “LiveFlight Connect”. After that, go to IF and into “settings.” Enable live flight connect. After that, just enter a flight, and on your macbook it should say “Connected!” And make sure to calibrate your stick when you go to settings.

Joystick is one of the best things I have ever brought! Takes the flight sim experience to another level :)

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Will this also work with a desktop?

Not sure, I think you need to have an Apple Laptop. I do, and it works…

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The first weeks the joystick is difficult to control but you only have to use to master it :) I agree l, my best brought is also the joystick:)

Yes. You just need a PC/Mac. The topic I linked says it all

Okay, thank you!

PC won’t work for an IOS phone, you need to have macOS on you computer/laptop

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I use mine with a Compaq laptop. (It barely turns on aha) and only used to connect my joystick. It runs windows. just download LiveFlight connect, then configure joystick in IF settings once you are connected to LiveFlight connect.

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I have a very old laptop that is slow but can download stuff, can I use that?

Should be fine

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I’m not sure. I’m not an IT expert, but as I said; you need to have macOS operating system in your laptop/computer, if you want your joystick to work with an IOS device.

When I use it I only have to connect it to the phone via USB, I feeling now I’m so lucky because I don’t have to install never an app

No you do not, my shoddy old laptop running like windows 9 connects to my 2018 ipad

Really?! I’m not really sure, but if you say so!

If it works, then I will fly on casual to get the hang of it! If it does not then I will save up for a laptop that it will work on!

I believe that you need an Macbookbtp connect it to IOS but I’m not really sure I will try with windows😂