Joystick Hat Switch

I use a Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick, how do i set the hat switch to look around the cockpit?

You might want to see this in order to enable your Joystick 😊

Although I’m not sure if you can use the “VR” to look around the cockpit


The controls and buttons are working. I just couldnt make the hat switch work to look around the cockpit, or was it not yet possible?

I believe it isn’t possible yet at the moment. But this idea might be possible in near future as third-party add-ons

I hope it helps! 😊

i used an mfi controller before and use the right analog stick to look around the cockpit. But thank you for your reply. i’ll check it out.

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I use also the Logitech. I use the “Move Camera Left/Right” and “Move Camera UP/Down” for Cockpit views…
Works on my shield and S7 Edge.

It would not work for me using Live Flight Connect and Joystick connected through my laptop. I’ve used both Logitech and Thrustmaster.
My Logitech hat switch worked connected directly to my Shield K1 Tablet.
You do have to go to IF “Controls, Commands”, and select “Move Camera Left/Right, Move Camera Up/Down”.

Pretty sure it’s possible. When in ‘contol’ settings tap commands (I think) scroll down toward where it says cameras and then where it says ‘move camera up’ assign that to the hat controller going up
Same with right left down

(It’s either that or I am completely missing the point)

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You are right.
I stand corrected.
In Live Flight Connect, as mentioned, select Camera up and move hat switch up, Camera down and move hat switch down, same with camera left and camera right.
Does NOT work with Camera Up/Down, Camnera Left/Right choices.
Thanks @Aussie_Wombat
PS, In cockpit view I can tap my tablet screen twice to re-center the view,

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Thanks @Aussie_Wombat. They worked now. However my new joystick seems to have ghost touch to the left so the cam sometimes goes all the way left. Maybe it needs break in time. Thanks everyone.

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…No worries! 🙂🙂🙂😉