Joystick for if

Plz tell me what to buy for this, (i can’t get laptop and i’m on iphone 14

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To fly it with IF, you must use a laptop and download either MapFlight Connect or LiveFlight Connect. That is the only way to my knowledge that it’ll work.

I have android but I have a t.flight hotas 4 and I have a usb-usbc adapter that lets me use it on my phone but I find it really small screen

Live flight connect isn’t supported anymore I believe

Yeah i thought live flight connect wasn’t working. Thank you though

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Oh ok, I have A logitech 3D extreme pro

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I see I’m not sure if it’ll work straight into your phone, worth a shot if you’re willing to buy an adapter since apple does support gaming controllers but do remember that then your phone has to power the joystick.
I find mapconnect works really well but you do need a laptop or something doesn’t need to be powerful just good wifi. There’s been multiple times on final were my wifi was terrible and ended up in the ground

Ok!, Thank you. I think i’ll just cast to tv

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Casting to your TV is your phone in charge still have to connect joystick to phone

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