Joystick fly-in @ KLAX - DDXXXXZJAN16

Server: ATC Advanced or PG

Region: Los Angeles

Airport: KLAX

Time: ???Z

NOTAM: Do a flight from LAX to San

Event details will be announced after conformation

I will announce the time and everything after 15 people have announced they will come…

Please show a photo of your joystick next to your username in IF

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Kevin, KLAX is not in the KSFO region ;)

Maybe I’ll come when Infinite flight connect will be released for Windows (My android device does not support OTG😢)

Even I have to wait till it is available :)

An event with no specified dates should not be in events :)

On topic now - I will come, will come with my hands :P

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If I do not, then how will I know 15 people want to come?

Anyway, thanks for coming

Given my wallet is slightly empty lately, I’ll probably get out some of my old Lego’s and build a yoke with phone holder. (Yes, I’m serious)

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Good idea I should say ;)