Joystick Feature

I think a Joystick Feature would fit perfectly in the sim. A few other flight simulators have this feature and I find it very useful. It would create a smoother flight environment for users and they could better control the aircraft they’re flying

For example
-drag down (plane goes up)
-drag up (plane goes down)
-drag left (plane goes left)
-drag right (plane goes right)

Share your thoughts and feel free to leave a vote if you like this idea… thanks!

The tilt makes IF more realistic, and adding a joystick would be odd for flying Boeing planes. Great idea though, I’ll think about voting for it ;)


It would make flying smoother. You would get to choose your input


It would. It just seems like basically every other mobile flight sim has a joystick.

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I mean… it’s a valid control that many users would appreciate…

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I’ll vote for it.

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Thank you! :)

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No problem :D

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I like this idea a lot, as it would attract people who may not like using the tilt. Would there be an option to toggle the joystick on and off?


Yes u would change it in the setting menu

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It took me a time to understand what you actually want. It could just be me, but I think a picture showing it in practice would be a nice detail to add. Anyways, I like the idea.

What about rudder?

You can usually control that by twisting the joystick

I strongly agree on this. With acceleration sensor, its hard to fly while lying on the bed…We need virtually joystick to touch on for better meticulous control…

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