Joystick fail on final

hi! i was on final and then my joystick stopped responding and this caused me to crash. does anyone have a solution?

Were you plugged in or using Live Flight Connect?
What Device?
What Joystick?

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Check to make sure LiveFlight is connected.

Still supported on macs

what do you mean?

Are you using LiveFlightConnect?

  1. Yes
  2. flying on iPad and live flight connect on my mac
  3. t.flight hotas x
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Live Flight Connect is no longer supported so it may or may not work. Use at your own risk :)

Ok that makes it easier. I use the same joystick. Are you sure liveflight didn’t disconnect? That tends to happen a lot more nowadays.

yeah maybe it did :(
so annoying!!!

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Supported and no longer work are two different things. As people are quick to point out the obvious.

It could be something simple or more complex. We simply cannot provide this level of support to external factors of the app. It could be a one time fluke or a network issue.


Hello @SPEEDBIRD101 , how are you? There is Rapberry Pi! I use it and the problems I had before are over. From a survey.


LiveFlight Connect often crashes for me. What I do to fix that is restart both the Mac and the IPad before every flight. It dramatically decreases app crashes.